Top 20 Mediterranean / Middle Eastern Sauces

Mildest to spiciest

  1. Tzatziki: A yogurt, cucumber, and garlic sauce. Commonly served with gyros, grilled meats, and vegetables.
  2. Tahini: A creamy sesame seed paste. Often used in hummus, baba ghanoush, and falafel wraps.
  3. Taramasalata: A fish roe-based dip. Typically eaten with pita bread, olives, and crudité.
  4. Skordalia: A garlic and mashed potato/bread sauce. Frequently paired with fried fish, boiled vegetables, or beets.
  5. Romesco: A roasted red pepper and nut sauce. Great with grilled seafood, vegetables, and roasted meats.
  6. Charmoula: A herb, garlic, and lemon marinade. Commonly used for fish, seafood, and grilled meats.
  7. Muhammara: A red pepper and walnut dip. Often served with pita bread or as a spread on sandwiches.
  8. Ajvar: A roasted red pepper and eggplant spread. Pairs well with grilled meats, bread, and cheese.
  9. Harissa: A spicy chili paste with garlic, cumin, and coriander. Used in stews, couscous, and as a condiment for grilled meats.
  10. Zhug: A spicy Yemeni green chili, cilantro, and garlic sauce. Added to falafel, shawarma, and rice dishes for extra heat.
  11. Shatta: A spicy sauce with red chili peppers, garlic, and spices. Often added to falafel, shawarma, and grilled meats for extra heat.


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